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We lead small groups and individuals.
Dordogne Fellow Traveller is a team of French independent English speaking who are specialists of the Dordogne and south west France.
Born and bread in the Périgord we have the pretention to be the most convenient guides to accompagny you during your journey through the Dordogne. Whatever your passion—archaeology, botany, gastronomy, hiking, nature, sports, or all of the above—we can help you prepare your trip or we can guide you through a tailor-made visit to the Dordogne.
Dordogne Fellow Traveller brings together the diverse skills of professional guides, some of them with more than 30 years of experience, who are natives of the area or long time residents; all know the region intimately.
We make sure you are with the right person at the right place at the right time!

Day tours


Become familiar with the region’s remarkable prehistory.

Beside the most famous caves explore untouched lesser known sites…

Middle ages

Discover the region’s sacred Romanesque and Gothic art and architecture.

As well as its fortified castles, and typical villages.

Combo tours

Of course we can organise mixed tours according to your wishes…

Just contact us.


For 2 adults (+ 2 children max) with your vehicle : 280 €/day
With other vehicle : 380 €/day
Between 2 until 6 with your vehicle : 280 €/day
With other vehicle : 440 €/day


For more than 6 please Contact us.
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Longer stay

We can organise all kind of tours from 1 day to 1 week, find here some examples :

Week end in Sarlat Périgord

From Friday evening to Sunday evening.

Day 1 : a tour of medieval Sarlat and its typical market, lunch in the gardens of Marqueyssac, afternoon in the Dordogne valley and its medieval villages and castles, end the day around a typical diner in a private home !
Day 2 : tour of the castle of Commarque, lunch in St leon sur Vezere, afternoon tour in a must see prehistoric cave and a romanesque fortified Church.

Hiking week end in the Dordogne

Connecting culture and nature, at your desired pace.

Day 1 : full day around Les Eyzies including tour of prehistoric caves and other lesser known sites. From 10 to 20km
Day 2 : a hike along the Dordogne river including tour of medieval castles, picture perfect villages and boat cruise on the river.

Wine and Culture from the Dordogne to the Lot

During this 4 day tour you will be given the oportunity to discover (and Taste !).

The very unknown local wines as well as some of the most beautiful caves and villages of France, rocamadour, St Cirq lapopie, Beynac, Pech Merle, Lascaux…

Special winter offer

Winter is probably the season when the Dordogne is the most authentic…

You will have the privilege to enjoy the area as if i twas waiting for you only…
No crowd, no queue, no hustle and bustle of busy summer months…and still plenty of things to do and see…Truffle markets, wine tastings, prehistoric caves, medieval castles just for you…
Above that imagine a beautiful diner warmly served in a french home nearby a fire wood..

Who are we

Beatrice Mollaret

Beatrice Mollaret

Béatrice is a native of Chamonix Mont Blanc in the French Alps. The high mountains fanned the flames of her passion for nature and for freedom. A resident of the Périgord for over twenty years and receiving her certification as an outdoor guide, Béatrice became a naturalist specializing open air sports activities. She combines her extensive knowledge of the area’s natural and cultural patrimony with outdoor activities that take people more intimately into the true heart of the region.

Béatrice is also a professional photographer and combines her photographic skills with her work as a guide in exploring overseas countries as well as the secret Périgord.

Anne-Lise Pollier

Anne-Lise Pollier

Anne-Lise is a well read and well traveled guide.
After having lived in England for a year as a Litterature student, and having worked in Spain for another year as a trilingual secretary and guide to promote a medieval association, she got her guiding License in Nice, before setteling for 5 years in Paris.
It was an opportunity to approach many subjects and periods, from Versailles and the splendors of the Sun king Century, to the Paris of Hemingway, with a passage through the folies of the cabarets at the turn of the 20th C, or the endless and fascinating wanders through the medieval Paris.
During this period, she has also worked in the medieval building site of Guedelon, where she learned first hand about Castellology, and many crafts such as masonary, carpentry, stone cutting, etc…
8 years ago, she fell in love with the extraordinnary heritage of Dordogne, and dove head first into Prehistory and cave art, which was missing to complete the picture.
But Dordogne isn’t only about Prehistory, it is rich with romanesque architecture, perfectly preserved medieval villages and an incredible amount of castles and fortresses, and Anne-Lise considers it her duty to honnour and share this wonderful heritage.
Among other clients, she regularly serves as a local guide for Rick Steves travel groups.

Bruno Eluere

Bruno Eluere

With over 30 years experience as a certified and licensed Regional Guide-Interpreter, Bruno accompanies English-speaking visitors on their journeys through southwestern France.

His friends will tell you that he has already lived several lives: In addition to his work as a gifted guide, Bruno also worked as a forester in Africa, an antiques merchant in Southeast Asia, a tour organizer in Mexico, and a wine dealer in Oregon. All these experiences and more have expanded his area of knowledge and additionally make for very interesting conversations in all manner of topics. Born and raised in the Dordogne area of France’s southwest, both Cro-Magnon man and Richard the Lion Heart were formidable presences in his childhood. In addition to his expertise and passion for prehistory and Middle Ages, he also HAS a deep love for the medieval Romanesque sculpture and architecture of the Perigord (the older name for the Dordogne region). As such, he has taken on the long-term and deeply satisfying challenge of making a complete photographic inventory of the fine details of the Romanesque churches and chapels throughout the region. Trusting that experience is far more valuable than mere diplomas, Bruno has gained a lot of first-hand and on-the-ground experience and was among the very first guides to introduce experimentation in his tours, from demonstrations in how Paleolithic peoples made fire, to painting techniques such as those found at Lascaux and the Font de Gaume, to even prehistoric-style camping in situ for the full Cro-Magnon experience.
Author of many articles on all aspects off life in Southwest France for local English-speaking magazines, Bruno is now preparing tailor-made tours linked to varied topics from his writing, including a discovery tour of local organic wines, easy-to-moderate survival excursions (such as in situ camping), and carefully selected hikes that allow visitors to access and discover authentic and unspoiled areas of the region. It is a given that all of these tours are away from the beaten tracks and into the most authentic aspects of the land.
As says award-winning travel and archaeology writer and anthropologist, Beebe Bahrami (wwbeebesfeast.com), « Bruno is profoundly knowledgeable and experienced in all things of the Perigord, from prehistory to the Middle Ages to the colorful native present. He is fully attuned to the beauty and depth of this land and its people. Moreover, Bruno is very articulate and very funny, so the day is illuminated not only with knowledge but wit. To travel with Bruno is to have the rare knowledgeable insider as your guide, making sure you miss nothing of the magic of this place. Be ready to be in awe as much as to laugh a lot. »

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